Super Simple Basic Dough
Sometimes we get tired of chips and we need some bread to dip up all the yummy stuff. Discovering just how easy it is to make dough that doesn’t have to rise, y’all…magic!!
Prep Time
Prep Time
  • 1cup Greek YogurtI used non-fat but you can use whatever you have!
  • 1 1/4cups Self Rising FlourI used AP/salt/baking powder, but that was ONLY because I used up all my self rising testing this recipe!
  1. Dump the yogurt and the flour into a food processor with a steel blade.
  2. Pulse 15 times. (15 is the exact number of times it took to get on Steven’s nerves so it is the correct number for our house. You just keep pulsing until a dough ball forms!)
  3. You can use this for all kinds of stuff! Just wrap it up and put it in the fridge if you’re not ready to use it. I’ll be posting some ideas for it, but frankly I made the first batch in my small cast iron pan with some olive oil and it was delicious!
Recipe Notes

If you are like me and you find yourself without any self rising flour on hand, you can simply make your own by addng 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder and .5 teaspoon of salt to a cup of all purpose flour.