Game Day Rituals

If you’re from the South you know that we have four seasons. Summer, Winter, Spring, and Football. And y’all… today is the start of SEC football season!! 

We are SOOOO excited!! This morning started out with a good cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast of cheese eggs and bacon. While I was in the kitchen, I went ahead and got a head start on two of our game day staples… Blue Cheese Dip (for the wings, y’all!) and Bacon Ranch Cheddar Chipotle Dip. (I mean… I was frying bacon anyway, right?) 

We already put out the flag as soon as the sun was good and up this morning, and I’m about to go make some sausage  ball dough to get ready for our 3:30 game. We’ll have wings at half time…of course…and a few other dips. 

Oh and the Bloody Mary mix is chilling in the fridge!! Even if you don’t add any alcohol, it’s a good way to kick off the season! (And get in some veggies!)

What are your game day traditions? Are you having a crowd over? Going out to watch the game with friends? Watching from a bunker halfway around the world? We want to hear from you! (And I promise to get that dip recipe posted asap!)

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